Gab Mobile

Version 2.6.9 Download APK

What's New:
- Fixed a bug where the app was crashing when going to settings
- Fixed a bug where the app would return unknown error during registration
- Fixed a bug where posting to live topics button was invisible
- Added the ability to create groups
- Tweaked navigation panel UI
- Misc. bug fixes for backend API


MD5 Checksum: 2799AB2E3E7000E0C05C9B2CAE824856
SHA-1 Checksum: AFF435572737CED2CC6788615F9149CA08F9CA44
SHA-256 Checksum: 5A1878E8F2319C9E82020F94B2CB2CD1BC39D8967B3E327B08DAEE8E8E1107B9
SHA-512 Checksum: 22B3C06F73C815EBD311D5A16089D66C9ACD20F982075ACD592D4927FC15B578F4B651A19CBAF02D4B25690E5114B9235DE83220F85096FFD58C5AE531CCB2A7

Version 2.6.8 Download APK

What's New:
- Redesigned app icon
- Updated dependencies
- Redesigned search/popular section
- Redesigned chat and fixed many bugs
- Misc. bug fixes under the hood


MD5 Checksum: F4D8E2FE2AD3679CF936AAF81ED561F7
SHA-256 Checksum: E0BA1351EC5CA5D07C17EA837DF380F140B4D2B1CDEFFE9C65B9CCE0372FE27C
SHA-512 Checksum: 19DE505D31B09686F139070EEE0F33AC7C924198BCF70E07CBC252ACF91D5494CA0B3CAB2A08D435BBBB715316784F28C5E99C2C93FE3D5849DE6C4D2120ED24

Version 2.6.7 Download APK

What's New:
- Added multiple image uploading
- Added poll creation, and voting
- Improved downloading of images
- Bug fixes


MD5 Checksum: D4A9880E1E634B63421A920D735FFB9F
SHA-1 Checksum: 0320F92FD0C42D8B6798ADF1AB1E58A29A74F69B
SHA-256 Checksum: 5F4A499ADF2C8B6CE67D09E5A8E45B32116330BBFC7E61976EEE505647E83E2A
SHA-512 Checksum: 1F43CDD00767CFBD43F58D7F1727B66C784DEB006E987A7C8EE0CAC3A5F0EE330FFA9E46B57BB241042A035AC1568E621F595255B2A497E29CB1F4B3C0B459B0