You can tell the scribbler of this MSM creampuff article has not ever worked in, or been near, the manufacturing industry...first of all this dryer plant is not a "Manufacturer" it is n OEM final assembly operation it is not a "manufacturer" because it is not self contained producing all its needed sub-assemblies for the final integration (product)...this is how they and other US former manufacturers were turned into China-source reliant OEMs....China in the early 80s flooded US industry with vital sub-assembly products US manufacturers used to make for themselves.

The lure was these seemingly low tech items were brought in at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost it would take to make them here....and anyway they were so cheap that even with the poor quality they could afford to throw 50% away as DOA rejects and still be ahead in sub-assy. costs....and so it went....first China flooded our manufacturing markets with cheap electric motors, controllers, metal and plastic castings etc. and as "free trade/WTO treaties expanded, more and more "Sub-assembly" parts for a wide range of consumer and business products were imported until our domestic Manufacturer's were reduced to final assembly operations reliant on a sole source for vital sub-assemblies from China....essentially making Chinese manufacturers a partner in US industry.

Then stage 3 was deployed where the Chinese sub-assembly makers consolidated and raised prices to US standards, forcing domestic manufacturers to either move their operations to China or sell to Chinese interests....this isn't free trade with the ChiComs it was WAR....they have been at war with the west in every thing they do, and Demtard/Leftists in the west/US are only too happy to sell out to them.

As a systems engineer in US industry I have watched this planned domestic industrial train wreck in slow motion most of my career...I saw US industrial domination weakened and hollowed out as domestic parasite (unions, Dems, Crony Capitalists and Market predators) sold out our vital productive capacity to Hostile ChiCom takeover....all for $$$$$$....the ChiComs must laugh at us and hold our leaders in contempt for how easy it was to dominate our Manufacturing capacity with stealth, bribes and greed.